Kwazulu-Natal Midlands Tour

Arrive at the historical memorial monument by 10h00 a tribute to Nelson Mandela. It was heared that Nelson Mandela was arrested while driving incognito from Durban to Johannesburg on the 5th of August 1962, after having been on the run from the Security Police for seventeen months and where he said goodbye to freedom for 27 years. Spend time marvelling at the fascinating sculpture, by artist Marco Cianfanelli.

Made up of 50 steel poles that symbolize the 50th Anniversary of the arrest, they range in height from 6 – 10 meters, and, over 20 metres wide, and lined up, form a portrait of Mandela, when viewed from a distance of 35 meters. You will visit Historic memorial monument ,Tsonga Shoes & Bags Swiss land Cheese , Ardmore Ceramic Art , Blueberry Hill, Tea and eats.

The tour starts daily at: 08h30
Returns at: ±17h00